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About me

Birth is a profound rite of passage and a process of immense personal transformation for a woman. In addition to having a medical care provider it's essential that you also have someone holding space for and acknowledging your unique personal transformation into a mother.

As a doula my compassionate and personalised approach encompasses holistic birth preparation, continuous labour support and postpartum care to ensure your inner emotional stability and your family's outer stability at home after birth.

In 2013 I gave birth in my beautiful Australian home to my son. From my beautiful and peaceful labour I emerged empowered and forever transformed. Drawing from my own experience as a mother I can say that an empowered birth is not just good luck, but helped by deep birth preparation and a support team dedicated to your vision. If we would truly start honouring birth and motherhood as the transformative and spiritual processes that they are, our birthing culture would look very different.

Born in Lübeck, raised in Germany, Guatemala and Spain, matured in the USA and Australia, residing between Byron Bay and Berlin. I derive inspiration from many different cultures and traditions.

These are my formal qualifications:
- Certified Birth Doula CBI (Childbirth International)
- Certified Doula (Dr. Michel Odent)
- Trained in the Spinning Babies approach to childbirth by  Jennifer Walker/ Gail Tully
- Cultural Anthropologist (M.A.)
- Certified Yoga Teacher (BYV)
- Certified Aromatherapist (AADP)

I can't wait to meet you and feel so honoured to share this journey with you.

To find out more about me you can read my interview here or listen to this podcast.