George G, father of one

“The overwhelming calming confidence you gave my wife was what I liked best about your support. That helped release any fear and allowed her to relax confidentially and allow her and her body to do what it was meant to do. Watching my wife trust her body and give birth with such grace gave me an overwhelming admiration for her. I honestly felt like nothing compared to this great woman going through this experience. Your calm confidence and knowledge allowed her to do that. So I thank you for that.”

Jan S.jpg

Jan S, father of three

“I highly recommend Nathalie! She was our doula for our third baby, and she helped in so many ways! Warm, kind, thoughtful, calm, witty, we feel very lucky to have her in our lives. Thanks Nathalie!”


Nico G, father of one

“Before the birth of our son I really didn’t know what a doula was and what her role is to be honest. After the birth though I realised that she really was the most important support person during the whole process. I also could't imagine the birth process without her anymore. Both of us feel that to have Nathalie by our side with her presence and knowledge was one of the most important decisions we made and in hindsight it was the most valuable support we had in the birth process.

Nathalie created a very natural, relaxed and calm atmosphere which had a profound effect on us. "Birth companion" describes this role quite well- Nathalie was present for both my wife and I in every single moment of the birth and freed us from most of the load we would have had to carry otherwise. We are extremely thankful to you and would definitely want you to be present for the birth of our second child again."


Rory K, father of two

"We loved the pre-natal support and check-ins, this was of course very comforting to us as we prepared for the eventual birth while juggling busy family/work responsibilities. We also particularly valued insight into the local healthcare system, pre-emptively learning about the process and nuances. The cherry on the cake came when Nathalie came to our house after the birth to prepare some especially healthy meals for mum, which both made her day brighter but also ensured that she was regaining her health & providing for our newborn. I strongly believe Nathalie must be one of the best Doulas out there as I can't imagine anything else we could have needed. Nathalie displayed exceptional knowledge of the birthing process, provided wonderful support & care for mum, and really infused a calm energy into our journey - something which felt both natural & profound. I would highly recommend Nathalie & Birth Doula services to any parent no matter if your first or second birth. It is something which everyone should experience as it really makes mum feel like she is the priority and getting the care, support & keeping her on a healthy track, both physically and psychologically."


George P, father of one

"When my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula, I had no idea what a doula was or does, but soon realised that Nathalie was able to support both of us in a way that I knew I couldn't do on my own. She explained how the birthing process worked in a way I understood and in the weeks leading up to the birth she gave us much emotional support. I knew wherever the birth would happen she would do everything she could to help us make it special, and she did. During the birth she was able to show me ways to help my wife and was able to stay with her while I rested. Everyone should benefit and have a doula like Nathalie at their birth."


Felix, father of two

“Our first birth was also accompanied by a doula. I actually don’t know how you are supposed to do it without one- both as a mother and a father. I liked that you were there for both of us especially for my wife. The midwives and doctors took wonderful care of our baby and you took care of us- the parents. I would recommend a birth doula to other families because as new parents, even with the best preparation, you will never quite fully understand this process. Without a birth companion new parents pretty much have to fend for themselves. Thank you Nathalie, you were excellent!"


Jamie B, father of two

"Initially, I thought having someone else there during birth would take away from my role supporting my partner. Nathalie was able to read the situation well though, knowing when and how to offer the right support at the right moment. It was very natural and getting to know Nathalie prior to birth really helped. Her general knowledge of birthing and her experience was invaluable leading up to, during and postpartum. I would definitely recommend her Birth Doula services to first timers, or experienced parents!"