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Sophie W, mother of one

“Nathalie was recommended to me by a dear friend of mine leading up to the birth of my boy Lenny. Having her by my side during my pregnancy and postpartum period was so comforting. She was so supportive and informative with any concerns that I had leading up to the birth and also with breastfeeding and postnatal care for both me and bubs.
She helped me to understand that there really is no need for fear around birthing, to trust my intuition and the importance of the Birthing Field being saturated with Love so that the mother may have the ability to surrender and trust the unfolding of the process. Without a shadow of a doubt I will most definitely be calling upon Nathalie and her skills for every child I hope to have in the future.
Thank you for your love, for your presence and for your unfaltering support through the most precious journey of my life. x ”

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Dr Camilla White, mother of three

“Nathalie gave support throughout the whole pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. But I think it was during my birth that I most truly valued her support. She was calm and professional yet kind and warm and really helped support my partner so he could support me. I felt truly cared for in a very special way.
I have benefitted from her service in so many ways. Nathalie really does go above and beyond with her doula services and we think every woman should consider having a doula!! As a GP I will be highly recommending Nathalie to any pregnant mothers I see.”


Renée D, mother of two

“I felt supported in every essence of pregnancy and mothering. You just completely ‘got’ everything I needed to chat to you about and made me feel calm and confident whenever I started to doubt myself. I just felt so completely supported and cared for, every mum deserves your support. I can’t thank you enough.”


Bethany C, mother of one

“Nathalie provided wonderful support throughout my pregnancy and birth. Her unwavering calmness was so beneficial in such a pivotal event in life. Her knowledge and presence was incredible for myself and my partner.”


Cisco T, mother of one

“When we met for the first time, I knew I wanted Nathalie to be my doula. Her presence is very calming and she is just a wonderful person. I felt really supported by her leading up to the birth, she shared some great reading material and movies and tricks how to turn the baby if needed last minute. In a nutshell I felt very safe having her by my side. We talked each scenario through in detail, from my dream natural birth to a C-section. With so much knowledge passed on from her, I felt confident I could have the birth I dreamt of. I was visualising an intimate, drug-free water birth and my wish became a reality with the help of Nathalie. After my son was born I had two more post-birth visits (I purchased the premium package as I wanted to make sure I had all the support I needed - and it was so worth it). From lactation cookies, to books, nappy bins and a load of great advice and lovely text messages, Nathalie ticked all the boxes for me. She is a mother herself and has so much knowledge. This was the best investment and I can highly recommend having this beautiful woman by your side during the intense times of labour.”


Priscylla E, mother of three

“Nathalie has supported me for the births of two of my children. Her calm and grounded energy coupled with her extensive knowledge on pregnancy, birth and postpartum gave me such comfort. I am always recommending her to any pregnant lady I meet :-) It is invaluable to have a doula during the birth experience and the weeks after, a supported mother is the best kind of mother.”

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Kaity F, mother of one

"Both George and I really loved your emotional support prior to the birth. Our meetings with you and your constant contact whenever we needed was so hugely appreciated. You especially helped give George a greater oversight of how the birth would happen in a really positive and communicable way. Knowing that you were going to be by our side during the birth was extremely reassuring. Given the difficulties of the last couple of months of my pregnancy, you a) always made me feel that I was being listened to and b) always made me feel like I had someone, besides George, that cared about my wellbeing and the things that I wanted and that you would help us in any way possible. How I benefitted from your support is really so big it's almost immeasurable… But I feel that given all the negative forces that happened in the lead up to the birth, the fact that I look back on my birth as such a beautiful, transformative and powerful experience is a testament to the care I was provided with. I would 100% recommend you, just as if we ever have another baby we will 100% hire you again. Having you in our corner made it feel like we could handle anything thrown at us. The support you offered at the birth itself was also incredible - you encouraged me in every moment where I was beginning to feel like I couldn't do it anymore. You helped me realise that I had all the power I needed. And you did everything in your powers to make sure I was physically comfortable the entire time. That was huge."


Karla H, mother of three

”I was really impressed with how you continually tailored your support to fit our family's needs. Knowing we'd recently relocated here, I really appreciated how you checked in with me often during the pregnancy, even giving great suggestions on local things to do with the family, and offering beautifully simple and practical advice on how to prepare the elder kids for their baby brother's arrival (so helpful!). And the morning after our little guy's speedy birth, I was so grateful for your gorgeous smile, calm presence, the yummy food you brought, the amazing pictures you took of us, and for transforming the house into a beautiful sanctuary. You made us feel so nurtured, which was such a big part of making this birth experience so joyful!
Your support was invaluable; your positivity, resourcefulness and dedication to providing what we needed in the moment was incredible.”


Técha N, mother of one

"At first I wasn't sure whether I needed another person in the birth process in addition to a midwife. My only hesitations were whether I should be outlaying an additional cost, and whether I am bringing too many people into the room, perhaps hindering the midwife's role and activity. From my earlier hesitations, I couldn't have been more transformed from the process of working with Nathalie. It was the doula who took us primarily through the journey of birth and whose support and guidance I most relied upon. I was on the final day before needing to be induced and I truly believe that Nathalie and I were able to get the birth moving through movement and postures that began the birth process. I was subsequently very grateful to not have had an induction. 
From our early conversations through to the eve of the birth Nathalie was able to impart a wealth of material and knowledge that meant our approach was more empowered and a lot less fearful. The process of placing some intentions and thinking about what you would wish for the experience also allowed us to feel more in the driver's seat. Through to the incredible wild ride that was the actual event, Nathalie carried us over the threshold. I truly felt more held by the doula than anyone else in the birth process and I literally don't know what we would have done without her. In this extremely peak experience where your body and soul are at their most exposed, I felt very comfortable having her alongside. I remember her strong hands and constant caring attendance. 
For me the doula played an important role in a very peak life experience. The role felt like someone who held space for the rite of passage to occur. An intimate carer who is assigned to you in a different way than medical staff and can hold your best interests with no agenda but to guide you through the process you have worked on together."


Nerine M, mother of two

“I really appreciated how conscientious you were in responding to all of our queries around pregnancy and birth. I felt comfortable to call on you with any questions or concerns I had. I also had a confidence in your ability to answer promptly, with expert knowledge and I appreciated the way you would communicate new and important facts and ideas. For me, this second pregnancy became one of owning my birth experience through knowledge and connecting, for the first time, to my feminine energy and power. 
I really appreciated the depth of your knowledge and skills in relation to speaking with my doctors and midwives. With your support I found "my voice" when it came to making choices about my body during pregnancy and the birth experience and making these choices heard in the clearest and most reasonable way to doctors and midwives.
Together we achieved a completely natural vaginal birth after cesarean! Honestly a dream come true. And better still - we now have the honour of raising the most happy, calm, in-tune, healthy baby. We are so blessed, and grateful for your support. It enabled me to unlock my feminine power during pregnancy and birth, through shared knowledge, and your beautiful calm open nature is a pleasure to be around! Thank you so much Nathalie x”


Jennifer P.D.,  mother of one

"As a first-time mom (accompanied by a first-time dad), I thought it could be quite helpful to have another supportive and knowledgable person present for the birth. My labor turned out to be a long one with some complications, but it is not a bad memory, thanks in large part to Nathalie's warm support. I felt supported and encouraged through each stage of the labor. I would warmly encourage other expecting mamas to consider Nathalie's accompaniment for their birth. Many women find that a doula's presence shortens their labor, which is lovely, and in the event of a long labor like mine, it's extremely helpful to have a steadfast, warm presence like Nathalie's to see you through."

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L.S., mother of five

"I really appreciated the meetings beforehand cause I got to know you well and developed a good relationship with you. I felt so comfortable with you that it was well worth the effort. The questions I had were answered with such patience and so thoroughly. Nathalie was exceptionally understanding and supportive to things that are important to my husband and I. She was completely on hand before the birth, and once my labour started, she was there in every sense of the word. In this particular labour, it went exceptionally fast. She made it to the hospital in time, which I was concerned wouldn't happen. She was there afterwards with me while my body was recovering from the shock of the quick birth, and really just did what I needed. She respected my space but also gave me whatever I asked for. Thanks Nathalie!"


Cassandra, mother of one

"Nathalie not only exceeded every expectation, she was a pivotal component of my dream birth story. Knowing that I wanted to attempt an intervention-free birth but foremost wanting to take on the experience in whatever way it would unfold, and also knowing that I am a highly empathic person I was looking for someone that would provide a constant source of positive, reassuring energy. It was clear from our first meeting that Nathalie was this person. Her presence is genuine and radiating. Her belief in a woman's innate power is compelling. From the educational material she provided to her earnest efforts to address every query or concern that surfaced it was evidenced that she is not only an advocate for natural birth but also entirely nonjudgmental. With all of the quality resources she proffered I felt more and more comfortable and confident leading up to the birth. She was at the hospital minutes after we arrived, and her presence signaled to me that everything was in place. She had a great dynamic with the midwives on staff; the respect reciprocated on every level was palpable in the encouraging atmosphere that buffered my husband, baby, and me from any form of encroachment. After an empowering water birth, with my daughter on my chest for the first time, I was completely and utterly at ease, and I will be forever grateful to Nathalie for giving me and my husband such diligent support to be freed to so thoroughly enjoy those first moments with the newest light of our life. The next day her visit to recall the birth together was such an enriching process. I credit her reliable commitment to us as a key component enabling me to enter the birth so fearlessly, uninhibited, and with a calm, grounded energy that I believe forged the serenity of my baby's birth. I will continue to recommend to every mother to consider a doula for their birth experience; my recommendation of Nathalie could not be higher. She is of the highest professional caliber and her heartfelt personal conduct is invaluable."


Kate B, mother of one

"Nathalie strikes a perfect balance between being both personal and professional. I found her support for my husband was incredibly helpful for me, as he was calmer and more able to support me as a result. Most of all, her calm energy was very soothing throughout some intense moments in my pregnancy, when I experienced complications or fears, and throughout the birth. We cannot count the ways in which having Nathalie along with us on our journey through pregnancy and childbirth was beneficial. She provided so much helpful information and support to us both from the early stages of pregnancy. Having her with us through our 30 hour birth experience was essential, as she helped my husband and I stay in sync with one another and both remain strong, calm, and courageous. She knew us well. She was able to offer so many ideas, positions, and alternative methods that we ourselves could not have come up with. Having an experienced individual in the birth process who is there for you and only you is an absolute must. I would absolutely recommend Nathalie to other moms! Nathalie is so kind and professional. She is incredibly knowledgeable about birth and was very empathetic. I have no doubt that my husband and I would not have made it through our long birth experience as easily if Nathalie was not by our side that whole time. No matter what kind of birth you intend to have, know that everything can quickly change, and having someone calm and strong like Nathalie dedicated to you and only you throughout your birth will have immeasurable benefits; it certainly did for me."


Mai K, mother of three

"I was sceptical that having a stranger beside me during birth would be helpful and worth the investment. But I believe that thanks to Nathalie I could give birth naturally and have a successful VBAC. She was very responsive and sensitive to my needs all the time, helped me to cope with fears, gave so much support and made my partner feel confident. Without her he would have been terrified and lost. I loved that from the very beginning when I first let her know that contractions had started she was constantly in contact with me, guided me through the process and tried to help. And most of all I appreciated her offer to come to my place and show me exercises to progress the birth. She could have just emailed them to me, but she chose to come over and show them to me in person. For me it was a sign of real care! I would definitely recommend her service to other parents! I felt safe with her and could better control my fears and I believe that her presence made all the difference. Her assistance was invaluable."


Laurie S., mother of two

"I don’t think I could have endured 30 hours of labor without having you there, helping me breathe through contractions, and trying different positions. Watching you kept me focused, relaxed, and centered. Also, for such a long labor—and with so many decisions to be made about interventions—it was very helpful to have you as a sounding board.  Despite all the challenges with this birth, you helped me find the strength and focus to continue through a long and difficult labor."

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Thea V, mother of two

"You shared many valuable resources and knowledge, but it really was the way you spoke and dealt with us that kept us calm and helped me feel very positive, motivated and confident in my decisions. I liked the fact that no matter which way my birth would go you would be there throughout it all, providing a consistency in my labour that otherwise might not have been there had my birth not gone so smoothly. You helped me feel empowered and positive, and I think this made a huge difference for me. I'd absolutely, without a doubt recommend you to other moms. I loved your calm, positive energy and how much care and personalised attention you brought to the experience. From the pre-birth meetings and individualised birth preparation, to staying in touch with me so closely during the last weeks and as my contractions started and stopped in the last days, to meeting us at the birthing centre, to everything you did during labour and the wonderful post-natal visits -- you were such a pillar of strength and support for me. With you in my corner, I didn't feel fearful at all - I felt confident, well balanced and full of trust in my body and natural hormones to help me through an unmedicated, VBAC birth. It was really such a wonderful, positive experience overall."