Who needs a doula?

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Who needs a doula?

Any birthing mother who would like acceptance and support throughout her pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

One of my teachers Dr Michel Odent (world leading obstetrician and founder of the Primal Health Research Centre) sums it up this way:

In the time surrounding birth, women need to feel secure. They need the sort of protection that is provided by the presence of a mother. But for many reasons special to our time, many women cannot rely on their own mother and the father of the baby cannot also be a mother figure. That is why they need a doula.

Yes doulas have also been shown to lower interventions (Epidural rates by 60%, Cesareans by 50%, length of labour by 25%, Pitocin usage by 40%) but my main focus is on the birthing couple and their emotional and physical wellbeing. Ensuring that this very special time in their life receives the attention and loving preparation it deserves. Ensuring that your partner can be the best possible help throughout this journey. Ensuring that the birthing mother is in her most optimal physical/ emotional/ mental state as she meets her baby.

With a doula you’re receiving personalised support meaning you only receive what is most helpful and useful for you and your partner. That is why you get a lot more out of working with me for example than you would if you’d only attend an antenatal class. This is a great start but personalised care can take you so much further. Someone who knows you well can simply provide better care.

I look after mums in the most vulnerable moment of their life while simultaneously celebrating their strength and birthing power.

What are your questions about working with a doula? Please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!



Nathalie Solis